It’s the Bundle You’ve Been Waiting for…

Internet, Phone, AND Streaming!

These days, entertainment options are endless…and so are all of the “mini” bills that you receive from your various streaming platforms, internet service provider, and phone provider. Not to mention the different customer service reps, different contracts with fine print, and different quality.

What if you could simplify all of that into one bill from one company you trust? Now you can with ACE Fiber’s Powerhouse + package.

What You Get with a
Powerhouse+ Package:

  • 2GB Lightning-Fast ACE Fiber Internet
  • 150+ Premium Channels on Vidgo
  • ACE Fiber Voice Home Plan
  • Local Service & Support
  • No Contracts, No Data Caps, and No Fees
  • Price stability
  • Free Installation & Equipment

Vidgo Includes All of Your Favorite Channels…

Get ALL of the Sports channels, Disney, HGTV, Fox News, The Food Network, and more.

Who Needs a Home Phone Plan Anymore?

If you’re asking yourself that question, don’t sweat it! You can still turn your house into a Powerhouse with the standard Powerhouse package!

What you get with a Powerhouse Package:

  • 2GB Lightning-Fast ACE Fiber Internet
  • 150+ Channels on Vidgo
  • Local Service & Support
  • No Contracts, No Data Caps, and No Fees
  • Price Stability
  • Free Installation & Equipment

With the Powerhouse Package, you still get all of the premium Vidgo channels, the full 2GB of internet, and the savings, just without the home phone plan!

4 Ways Your Current Internet Service Provider Is Letting You Down

1. Increasing Monthly Rates

If you are currently using [the other guy]’s internet service, chances are that in the fine print it says your monthly rate is subject to change at any time. Even if an internet service provider offers you a low monthly rate at first, it’s often only for one to two years. Then, they bump up your rate (and continue to bump it up over time).

2. Unexpected Extra Fees

“Fee” is such a dreaded word. Unfortunately, your current internet service provider has a lot of them. Chances are that they charge you for the equipment and installation and enforce cumbersome data caps, especially for families.

3. Lack of Customer Service Support

Who wants to be on hold for hours on end to then speak with a customer service representative from across the world who may not be able to resolve your issue? When you run into an issue with your internet, it should be treated just like an emergency power outage. The internet is an essential resource that you deserve to have access to at all times!

4. Inability to Bundle in TV Streaming Service

Just because your internet service provider can provide you with decently fast speed (still probably not as good as ACE, but…), doesn’t mean that they are the best choice. Nowadays, you should be able to bundle your streaming options in with your internet and phone bill. And with ACE, you can.

Turn Your House Into a Powerhouse

For a limited time, ACE Fiber is discounting its 2 Gig Internet, Premium Vidgo Service, and Phone Service. Don’t miss your chance to reserve this special rate for the Powerhouse Package of your choice below!

Powerhouse +

  • 2 Gbps of Internet

  • Vidgo Premium

  • Phone Service



  • 2 Gbps of Internet

  • Vidgo Premium


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